Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Man's First (Scheduled) Dentist Visit

Little Man loves the dentist! I know, can you believe it? Papa Bear took him to the dentist for his first scheduled cleaning. I make that distinction because we had to take him twice before he was 1 when he did a face plant on a concrete step and a toy respectively and chipped his front teeth. But this time, it was just a routine check/cleaning and he was amazing.

He brought George with him, which is something we rarely allow, so that was a treat and George got to sit with him in the chair. The dentist told us that they would just get him acquainted with the equipment and check his teeth. They would only do a cleaning if he was relaxed and content since it isn't absolutely necessary at 3. But Little Man was not just a trooper, he was an excited happy guy. They did a cleaning with raspberry toothpaste and even gave him a fluoride treatment. He did everything that the hygienist asked of him the first time and never seemed scared or reluctant at all. We are proud to report that his teeth look great, even the ones that he damaged when he was little and he has no cavities. He was so excited to brush his teeth before bed and came to tell me all about it before Papa Bear carted him off for stories.

A major success in this household and anxiety relieved. I won't lie, I dislike going to the dentist immensely and am happy that my Little Man has none of those fears or anxieties. Maybe it is because he got to get a special toy from the dentist, something he calls his Boingy Thing or maybe it is just because he is a special wonderful little person with more sense that some adults :)

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  1. That is just the best news ever! And totally amazing! No one likes the dentist! Hooray for Jackson! Tell him MeeMom is quite proud of her Jacko!