Friday, June 4, 2010

Swimming Success

This is the first summer that we have joined a local pool. The previous summers we were very lucky to have a friend that just let us come to her pool all summer. So we joined the pool and have set out to get our money's worth. We ventured out on the first sunny day this week and had a blast! When we got there we were literally the only people at the entire pool. Little Man and Peanut played in the baby pool and could splash and be loud and I didn't have to worry about them at all. Then Little Man begged to go in the big pool. I was feeling brave and very supermom like for getting us all to the pool in the first place. So I kept Peanut in his raft and found a small floaty tube thing for Little Man in the lost and found. And we jumped in, literally. Little Man held onto the borrowed Spiderman tube and kicked himself around the pool. It was great and it was a huge milestone for him. He was crazy proud of himself and I think I am going to have a tough time keeping him out of the big pool this summer. A friend joined us, giving me a much needed helping hand and an adult to talk to and then Papa Bear surprised us by showing up too. It was the perfect weekday pool afternoon and I think we really will get our money's worth this summer and Little Man is going to make leaps and bounds in his swimming abilities!!

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