Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's My Blog and I will Brag if I Want To!

I have got some great kids, no really, I mean it they are just really great kids. Today wasn't supposed to be this totally awesome day with so much fun and well behaved kids, it was supposed to be a dragging day that at best wasn't awful. But because of my two boys it was a superb day.

Papa Bear had a project to do at a super secret government location that started at 3:00 in the afternoon so you know what that means? Late project at a super secret location with no cell phones and no idea how long it will take means a super long day for me. I wasn't psyched about it and moped around a bit in the morning. But then Little Man says "Mama, can we go to the soft play room today?" And boom, I was inspired to turn my long day into a super fun day for the kids. In fact we decided to call it our Mystery Adventure Day because I knew it was going to be packed with adventure but it was going to a choose your own adventure a few minutes before you take off on it type of day. So Peanut blessed us with an early nap and off we went at 10:30 to the soft play room. The boys loved it. Little Man was doing forward flips (I really mean forward flips, I have to get this boy in gymnastics) into the ball pit and Peanut was running around the room laughing and falling and getting up and sliding head first into the ball pit. After a little over an hour I called a halt and packed up into the car. I gave Little Man a choice, home for lunch or to the pool to play. There was a resounding "to the pool" chant in the backseat. So I extracted a promise of good behavior and willingness to go when I said it was time and off we went. I had packed the pool bag just in case so that we didn't have to pause in our Mystery Adventure Day. The boys were angels. They hadn't even had lunch so I gave them some snacks of yogurt and fruit and they splashed and played happily in the pool for almost 3 hours. When it was time to go I got no complaints or meltdowns, just cheery words of "Yes Mama!" when I asked Little Man to pack it up. Home for naps (very late naps but sometimes you just have to roll with it) and Peanut had gotten his 5th wind at this point and decided he wasn't tired. So he toddled around my room taking everything out of my drawers while I laid down and rested for a few minutes. Finally he wound down too and both boys were sacked out. I had to wake them at 5 so they would sleep tonight and then Papa Bear surprised us by getting home way earlier than expected and helping with dinner, bath and bedtime routines. I couldn't have done it without my boys wonderful attitudes and awesome behavior. It was an amazing reminder of why I love being home with my kids and how you can turn a potential bad day into the best type of day with just some fun and attitude adjustment. I love it when a plan comes together!!

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