Saturday, June 26, 2010

Papa Bear's Fun Day with Peanut

Today Papa Bear discovered that Peanut is at the age where an errand can open a door for one-on-one fun time with Peanut. It has always been easier to imagine doing things like that with Little Man since he is older and more communicative. So when Little Man and I were napping in the afternoon, Papa Bear took Peanut to get our van serviced. While they waited for the car to be done they walked a few blocks to a park and played around. There was some peek-a-boo behind trees and just some general hijinks between Papa and Son. Then they went and got ice cream together ( I should note that Papa Bear did try to bring some home for my but my piggy wiggy of a Peanut ate it all before they made it home). Peanut sat in a chair of his own eating ice cream after shunning the idea of eating his ice cream while in his stroller. He is much to much of a big boy for that now. So he ate at the table and had himself some awesome Papa Bear alone time with ice cream and park fun. It just goes to show how much he is growing up. Papa Bear has probably mentioned how much fun they had 4 or 5 times which is so adorable to me. I love that he takes such joy in his time with his boys!

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