Saturday, June 12, 2010

Peanut Kisses

I have always showered my boys with hugs and kisses. From the moment they are born I savor the wonderful feeling of their soft cheeks against my cheek or the amazing baby smell when I kiss their temple. I just can't get enough hugs and snugs as we call them. Little Man has long since expressed his love to his with random hugs and professions of "I love you Mama, you are my Mama Buddy!" and other words that melt me. He loves to hug and kiss and is still in that wonderful age that isn't embarrassed by hugs and kisses from his mama. He will run up to me and tell me that he needs a "Mama Hug" just as I have asked him for a "Little Man Hug". He even hugs and kisses his friends, although not all of them like it. And every day after his nap he asks for hugs and snugs so he snugs in tight to me and takes his time waking up in my arms. Seriously, it never gets old.

A few days ago I asked Peanut for a kiss and he leaned his little head towards mine and planted a big one right on my lips. I was so happy since it was his first initiated or returned kiss especially upon request. I yelled and hugged him tight which of course made him so happy that the repeated the kisses over and over. Since then he has planted his adorable kisses on Papa Bear and Mee-Mom! He is so lovable and his kisses are the sweetest thing (even if he doesn't always hit his target) and I just love that I can get them on request now. It is a sure sign that my Peanut isn't so little anymore. I just love my Peanut Kisses!!!!

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