Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas morning went off without a hitch. The boys were up early and we delayed them upstairs as long as we could so that Papa Bear and I could wake up and shower and get ready for the day knowing we wouldn't make it back upstairs for a while. We got Mee-Mom on skype set up to view the shenanigans and then let them come down the steps. Peanut kept saying Santa over and over as we went down the steps and Little Man immediately ran to see if there was a pogo stick waiting for him under the tree. He couldn't find it right away and seemed disappointed for a second and then he ran to see if Santa had eaten the cookies that were left for him. Having found them gone he knew that Santa had come and interpreted the thank you note that Santa left as "Dear Little Man, I brought it" so he ran back to the tree determined to find it. And of course, it was there to be found. We opened gifts for a few hours, playing with each one if we could and taking breaks for breakfast and snacks. Sweet Pea made it downstairs to see the tree and then promptly took a nap that lasted through breakfast. We were all a little spoiled by Santa and really enjoyed playing and spending time together. Naps were had by us all followed by our second annual Prime Rib Christmas dinner. (Little Man had pasta but Peanut insisted on having the meat - much to Papa Bear's and my chagrin at having to share our prime rib with our 21 month old! What can we say, he has discerning taste.) Dinner was followed by gourmet candy apples. Peanut licked and chewed on his, happy as a clam but not making much progress while Little Man opted to have his cut up so he could actually eat it. Then baths were had by all! The kids were exhausted from a day of fun and went nicely off to bed so Papa Bear and I could relax together. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

We are trying to upload a video of the kids coming down the stairs, but it isn't working so well so we will leave you with some pictures of the candy apple ordeal!

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