Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Uncle Mark Surprise!

Today was supposed to be a great day. Today was supposed to be our Christmas with Mee-Mom. Today turned out to be much better than just a great day. Today turned out to be our Christmas with Mee-Mom AND my brother, Uncle Mark!!!

So a little background....Uncle Mark and his wife, Tita Michelle moved to Italy about a year ago and haven't been back to the States since. We get to occasionally skype but with work schedules, nap schedules and a time difference we just don't get a lot of face time. About a month ago my brother asked me what I wanted him to get me for Christmas and I said that I didn't want anything if he couldn't be here to give it to me. (I know that makes me sound rather petulant, but I miss my brother dearly) Well I got my Christmas present!!!

Mee-Mom came in as she normally would and greeted the kids and then told me that I had a Christmas present outside. I opened the door and there was my brother walking down the street towards my house. I spun in a circle not knowing what direction to go in and then ran without any shoes through the snow to give him a huge hug. I would never cry happy tears all over his shoulder because that would be a bit much for my tough guy brother...except that is exactly what I did. I blame the hormones.

The rest of the day went by way too quickly. I kept thinking about how crazy it was that my brother, who is supposed to be in Italy, was actually sitting there playing with my kids. That was the best part. Just watching my children enjoy him so much. Little Man took to him like he had just seen him yesterday and Peanut hugged on him and loved on him as if he had been seeing him every day of his life. Sweet Pea even graced him with one of her beautiful smiles upon meeting him for the first time and again when he was holding her. They knew he was their uncle, their family and that he loves them ferociously.

We had the best low key day ever. Giving the kids their presents from Mee-Mom and Mommom (they were so spoiled) and watching Peanut get so excited over every little thing. He is really a joy to give a gift too because he could be unwrapping an empty box and he would act like it was a million dollars. He gave us an awesome happy dance and entertained us for hours. The boys jumped on and climbed on Uncle Mark giving Mee-Mom a well needed respite from some of their overeager attentions and Uncle Mark ate it all up. I could just see us both taking in every moment he had with the kids and storing up all the memories to last us until next time. The only thing that could have made this Christmas better is if Tita Michelle could have come too. Maybe next Christmas I can be even more greedy and ask for them both to be my gift!!!

Peanut Love!

Peanut Kisses

Best Buds!

He told her she is never allowed to date!

Playing Angry Birds on the Ipad (Little Man was really good!)

I don't feel like I am doing this wonderful day enough credit in my writing. There was just so many awesome things about today. I haven't laughed as much or as hard as I did today in a long time. I can't believe how the day flew by. I wish it could have lasted longer but I really feel like we made memories today to last us until we get to see him again.

Last note on a very long post - this is my 100th post of 2010!!


  1. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So pleased your surprise went so well...and i actually kept a secret! Whew!
    Love to all,
    Aunt Suzi

  2. Aunt Suzi - I was just telling mom that I am shocked you kept that a secret from me. You and I are both awful with keeping good secrets like that! Love you!