Friday, December 24, 2010

Sweet Pea Moments - 2 Months

In all of the holiday fun, Sweet Pea's special moments haven't been making it onto the blog as often as I would like. She is our little angel and is growing like a weed. At her 8 week mark, we packed up her 0-3 month clothes and pulled out our 3-6 months wardrobe for her. Since we know that she is going to be our last baby this has been especially hard for me. I am not ready for her to get bigger and move out of the infant phase. However, I LOVE dressing her in the fun girl clothes and putting together the adorable outfits that we have. That is a big difference with the boy and girl clothes, there are actual outfits where the pants and the shirt and a hat all coordinate confusing Papa Bear considerably.

Sweet Pea is giving us smiles a plenty these days. When I go and get her from her crib she gives me cheesy open mouthed smiles just at the sight of me. Little Man has made it his life's goal to get her to smile for him. He dances and sings and coos to her to coax a smile and when he gets one from her he announces it as if he has won a medal. And honestly, it kind of feels like that.

Sweet Pea is holding her head up well but still doesn't get any tummy time due to her enthusiastic brothers and spends most of her awake time in my arms. She protests her swing and bouncy seat these days preferring to be held sitting up in my arms so she can watch everything that is going on.

She is in a growth spurt at the moment so she is eating more frequently and waking up a few more times at night. Currently she goes down for bed around 8 and wakes up once around 1 or 2 and then again around 5 or 6. I am hoping that once this growth spurt ends she will go back to sleeping through the night.

All in all, the last 2 months have been a blur of cuddles, rocking, coos and smiles mixed in with some colic crying which we are truly hoping will end soon.

We will have her 2 month stats when we got to the doctor in a week or so.

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