Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things that make me happy...Part 2

My life is filled with things that make me happy, little details about my children, that even on the worst days can bring a smile to my face. The list is truly never-ending but as I think of things I like to try to capture them.

1. Little Man's turkey strut that he learned in school. I mean this walk is hysterical (video to come because this strut must be captured on video). He high steps his legs and kicks them back like a turkey/chicken walk, flaps his little wings and then juts his neck forwards and backwards. As you can imagine this takes a lot of coordinated movement so after about 10 seconds this lapses into a mess of arms and legs and jutting necks. I love it.

2. Sweet Pea's sneeze purr combo. Every sneeze ends with the cutest little purr. I don't know how else to describe it. Papa Bear pointed it out and now every time she sneezes I listen for it because it gives me a jolt of joy.

3. The way Peanut says Santa. He didn't say a single word in August so when we started therapy I never had any expectation that he would say Santa by Christmas. Little Man couldn't even say Santa at that age. I ask him to say it over and over and over because it really is the cutest thing ever.

It is easy to be exhausted and cranky at the end of the day with 3 young kids. It is easy to focus on that exhaustion. But it is much more rewarding to lay in bed and think of all of the adorable and precious things that my children do on a daily basis that make the world, my world so much better.

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