Saturday, December 11, 2010

Enjoying the Holly Days!!

We packed today as full as we could of holiday fun in all of the right ways. Tons of fun, sugar, Santa, friends, cookies, family and no stress!!!

This morning we loaded up the diaper bag with snacks and headed out to the Santa Train. This is a VRE Christmas train ride for kids. The train pulled up to the station with Santa driving the train and waving to everyone. Little Man's eyes were as big as saucers as he watched Santa drive that train!! Then we boarded and got to take what turned out to be about 90 minutes of a train ride. We think Santa might have fallen off the train or something because we were stopped there for about 20 minutes without explanation. Little Man had his head pressed so hard against the window that he had a red mark on his forehead and there was a little foggy spot right where his mouth was hanging open in awe. He stared out that window watching things go by with such awe and enthusiasm. Peanut stood up on the seat holding onto the seat in front of him for his preferred vantage point. He wasn't quite as impressed until he got a candy cane from one of Santa's elves - then he was hooked. He also loved the carolers that came by and relaxed back on Papa Bear for the show. Sweet Pea blessed us by sleeping through the entire train ride and all the way home. We had candy canes, coloring books and cardboard conductor hats given out by elves, Santa and Mrs. Claus (does she have a first name?) came through the train and took pictures and visited with us. Little Man told Santa he wanted a pogo stick and Santa told him ok, but he had to be careful. We actually got to see Santa twice because the train ride ended up being so long. We even got to sit with some friends to be able to combine the train ride and Santa with some visiting, sharing and laughing with friends we don't get to see often.

Then we came home for a quick lunch and naps for Peanut while Little Man and I made molasses sugar cookies and pudding pies. Little Man played while Peanut and Sweet Pea napped. Little Man pretended to be Santa and made me pretend to sleep so that he could drop presents off for me. I would open my eyes and exclaim that whatever it was he left me was exactly what I always wanted. It was cute to see him play "Santa" and see what he expected his Christmas morning to be like. Papa Bear prepared dinner and then after dinner we had good friends come over for desserts. There were 6 kids in the house between our two families and it was boisterous and fun and exactly what the holidays are all about.

I could not describe a more perfect day with my family. Tomorrow we are making more cookies and some reindeer food to deliver to friends and neighbors. I can't wait. I think the best thing about the holidays with young kids is that us old folk get to experience it through their excitement. I was positivly giddy on the train this morning because Little Man's excitement was contagious.

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