Saturday, December 4, 2010


This year we have been able to celebrate the holidays in a more meaningful and traditional way because Little Man is at an age where he understands it, at least to a point. We have written a letter to Santa and while I had to tell him how to spell everything, he wrote it himself. He got an email and a letter in the mail (courtesy of good friends from Japan) which was very exciting for him. There is a lot more December fun coming like the Santa train and baking cookies together but this week we have been focused on Chanukah.

The first night of Chanukah I had wanted to have a traditional dinner but due to doctors appointments and work schedules we instead celebrated with our first dinner out at a restaurant as a family of 5. It went remarkably well and then we rushed home to light the candles and the boys got their first day of books. (Each kid gets a new book every night and since we light the candles and give the book just before bed it is a great routine.) The second night of Chanukah we were able to light the candles via skype with Mee-Mom and Mommom. Tonight we went to our friends house to have latkes and other wonderful food and light the candles. The kids all played the dreidel game and received gelt . They had a few Chanukah books read to them and ran around generally being kids. They spied on the adults and pretended they couldn't even see the adults and snuck desserts off the table when they thought no one was looking. At one point I caught Peanut with a chocolate covered pretzel stuck on each finger, chocolate smeared all over his face wobbling around in a sugar coma. I looked to see what Papa Bear was doing since he was supposed to be on Peanut duty and he was right behind him with chocolate covered pretzels in hand and the same sugar coma look on his face!!! We ended the night with popcorn and The Grinch in bed with Little Man while the younger ones slept.

I just love all of the holidays and the traditions we are starting or continuing. I love how each year the kids are able to participate more and more and I love being able to experience it all through their young and innocent eyes.

Next weekend we the santa train, making magic reindeer food, baking cookies and desserts with friends and their kids. I just love this time of year.

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  1. I love that your kids get the best of both worlds, celebrating both Chanukah and Christmas! How special for them:)