Monday, December 13, 2010

Growing up already

Sweet Pea moved into her own room last night. She was ready. I was not.

She had been sleeping in her Amby bed on my side of the room since she came home from the hospital. I could sit up at night and get a quick peek at her and if she needed to eat, I could just grab her and feed her in my bed and then return her to her bed easily. She has only woken up once a night since coming home from the hospital and she was moving that wake up time later and later into the morning so I knew it was time. I knew we had come to that special time where we could make the easy transition from our room to her crib and I couldn't risk missing that window. But I wanted to miss that window, oh how so much of me really wanted to close that window. I was not ready.

She was. So last night we laid her down to sleep in her bed and she looked so tiny. She only took up this itty bitty part of the crib and it made me want to scoop her up and bring her back to my room and make her stay itty bitty forever. She did great. She slept all night and I had to wake her up at 8am. I missed her but it seemed that she liked her space and slept better in her room without the noises of the boy's monitors and Papa Bear's snoring.

One milestone among many that will be celebrated for the accomplishment even if I am not ready to see my little girl grow up.

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