Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Pea!

Dear Sweet Pea,

My princess, my drama queen, my social butterfly I love you more than you could every imagine.  Before you were born, Papa told me that we had to have another baby because our family just wasn't complete.  You complete our family. 

Your biggest brother adores you and happily plays tea party and princess with you.  More than that, you look up to him in all of the ways that a little sister should look up to her big brother.  First thing in the morning or after nap, you are asking for him.  You wake up best if he is the one who goes to get you from your room and he is the only one that you let help you with your shoes and socks.  You and Peanut play like best friends so while you fight you also play and giggle and play some more.  Most of the time you play pirate, treasure, lava or babydoll doctor with him and you give and take through that play like a champ.  

Papa Bear and I love to listen to your minnie mouse like voice as you make your demands and boss everyone around.  Sweet Pea, I love that you are just as likely to dress up like a pirate as you are a princess.  You want to wear make-up and refuse to wear socks and shoes.  You are all the best parts of a wild girl and a daring princess.

My sweet girl.  Never settle for being a princess when you can be a queen.  Never be afraid to get your fancy dress dirty because sometime playing in the mud is more fun than being at the ball.  You can be as fast as, strong as and as good as anyone else but what is most important to me is that you being kind, honest and brave. 

We love you baby girl.  You are truly the sugar and spice in our lives.  You have completed our family.

Mama and Papa

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