Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pirates and Princess Birthday Party

Sweet Pea wanted to have a princess party but two of her best friends are boys so we settled on a princess and pirate party and it was a brilliant success.  She invited 3 friends because she turned 3 and after all the siblings were counted we had 9 kids.  Papa Bear, ever the creative genius, cut out swords and wands from foam board and we had the kids color/decorate their own swords or wands.  Then they played pin the crown or eye patch on the princess.  After a little playing in the playroom, we sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes.  Once they were sugared up, we got on shoes and coats and all went outside in search of gold treasure that Little Man and his buddy Seb had hid ahead of time and marked with an x on a map of the front yard.  This was the exit strategy because once the treasure had been collected the party wound down and the guests left.  Sweet Pea was spoiled with barbie dolls, Angelina Ballerina books and and Bitty Baby and The Little Mermaid Movie (which everyone except Peanut was a fan of).  Meemom came down for the party and a visit and to see Little Man's soccer game too.  Papa Bear is now napping because princess and pirate parties can take a lot out of you.

Coloring the foam core swords and wands


Pin the eye patch or crown on the princess

Sugared up and fighting Lala's Dad

Treasure Hunting

Map (made by Little Man)

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