Thursday, October 31, 2013

Peanut's Tooth Fairy visit

Peanut lost his first tooth today.  It was very wiggly and after a disastrous Halloween parade incident, I was letting Peanut and Sweet Pea watch a quick TV show.  All of a sudden, Peanut exclaimed "Mama, my tooth came out!"  And sure enough, he did.  So it was tucked under his pillow and the tooth fairy came and paid him a visit.  Unfortunately, the tooth fairy didn't account for the fact that Peanut is a bit of a wild sleeper and when he woke up he thought that the tooth fairy had taken his tooth without leaving him any money.  We did a quick search of his room and found that he had knocked the money out from under his pillow and it was on the floor under his bed.  He spent the next hour before school dancing around with his two dollars and coming up with all of the things he can buy with it including a house, a fish and a million toys.  We have to work on the value of money.

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