Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Peanut's Halloween Parade

See this little boy clearing excited about the goody bag that he was given during his Halloween parade?

Yeah, that little guy was so excited for his parade and his goody bag and then I had to tell him that he wasn't allowed to have any of the corn-syrup laden candy that had been given out.  I had sent in alternative food for the party so that he had something to eat that was comparable to the rice crispy treats that his friends were eating but I didn't realize that they were going to give candy out as well.  So I didn't have anything to give him and he had to watch all of his friends dig into their goody bags.  His eyes filled with tears and he told me that he didn't like being him and he hated corn.  It was heartbreaking.  I know that in the grand scheme of the 1st world problems he faces, it isn't a big deal.  He isn't really missing anything and I gave him a corn-free lollipop when we got home but he said it just wasn't the same if it didn't come from his bag which I understand.  I just love seeing his smiles because they brighten even the darkest room, but the smiles I saw in these pictures were painful because I knew that I was going to make them disappear.

I'm hoping for better success with trick or treating.  We talked about the fact that there will be some candy he can have and some that he can't and he can trade me candy and he said "Or I can just give it to Little Man or SweetPea or my friends."  Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

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