Monday, October 7, 2013


Monday afternoons have always been a special time for me and Little Man.  He gets out of school early on those days and we get to have some special time doing our 5 things (snack, snugs, books, homework and a game).  I look forward to it each week and now we have added in something special with the other kids.

Every other Monday I let the little ones skip nap/quiet time and we plan an adventure.  Maybe plan isn't the best word for it.  We go on an unplanned adventure that has led us through the woods, jumping rocks at creeks and painting banners and playing at random playgrounds.  Peanut even found, then lost then found and lost again a put names Squishy.  It was a caterpillar that he found at the turtle pond.  He was inexplicably lost during a raucous game of hide and go seek when Peanut helped him hide but Squishy didn't come back.  There were many tears over his lost pet and we had to regroup and move to another park to stop the melt down. 

Now I look doubly forward to the Mondays that we get to go on adventures together.  I absolutly love that my kids see it start to rain and instead of being bummed they get excited, ask for rainboots and umbrellas so that we can go on an rain adventure.  With a 6 year old, 4 year old and almost 3 year old just leaving the house is an adventure of some kind.

Meet Squishy

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