Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Man's first sleep over

Little Man decided he was ready for his first sleep over so we made arrangements for him to sleep over at his best friend J's house tonight.  When he got home from school he immediately wanted to get ready for his night.  I told him he could pack his bag and asked him what he thought he might need.  He decided on pajamas, an outfit for tomorrow, a bottle of water, a granola bar, a flashlight and a book.  He was very serious about each item.  He thought that it would be good to have a snack so he didn't have to both his friend's mom in the morning if he were hungry, he needed the flash light and book so that he had something to do if he woke up before his friend and the water was just in case.  I am not sure in case of what but just in case. 

So we headed over to his friend's house and the boys played while the mom's visited and had a glass of wine.  Then we went over to the school for the fall festival and afterwards headed back for more play and another glass of wine.  While we were there, the boys were wrestling and Little Man had his very loose tooth knocked out.  This meant we had to figure out where the tooth fairy was going to visit.  Little Man decided that he wanted the tooth fairy to come to his friends house because the tooth fairy was more generous at J's house because the night before his friend got $5 for a tooth.  Little Man might be a little disappointed because I only slipped my friend $2. What can I say, the tooth fairy is on a budget and Little Man has two other loose teeth and Peanut has his first loose tooth too.

So I said my goodbyes and left Little Man in good hands.  I am sure that I miss him much more than he misses me.  It is strange to see his door open and his bed empty.  I am realizing that while Little Man was more than ready for this milestone, I was not.  Maybe it is because my baby is turning 3 tomorrow or just that this is the first time that Little Man has slept away from me and Papa Bear, but I am feeling a little sad and nostalgic tonight.  I am already looking forward to picking him up in the morning. 

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